Adding discussion topics

The community consists of posts associated with different discussion topics. Topics can be anything you want, and you can create as many as you want. Guide managers can add, edit, delete, and manually arrange topics. Agents and moderators don’t have the permissions to make these changes.

For information about managing community posts within discussion topics, see Managing community posts.

Adding discussion topics

Discussion topics can be anything you want and you can add as many topics as you need.

For example: if you support multiple products you might add a topic for each product or, if you have one product with a lot of functionality, you might add a topic for each major feature area. You can also add a General Discussion topic where users can discuss issues that don’t quite fit in the other topics.

To add a topic

  1. Click Add in the top menu bar, then select Community topic.

    Add topic

  2. Enter a Name and optional Description for your section.
  3. Select a User segment to determine who can access this topic.

    By default, a topic is visible to all users. You can choose to restrict access to signed-in users.

    On Guide Professional and Enterprise, you have the ability to restrict access based on tags, organizations, or groups by applying custom user segments (see Creating user segments to restrict access). On Guide Professional and Enterprise, you can also restrict access to agents and managers to create internal-only access.

  4. Under Who can manage posts, select Managers if you want only Guide Managers to add and edit posts, or leave Agents and managers selected if you want agents to also be able to add and edit posts in this section.
  5. Click Add.

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