Importing Google Docs as articles

You can import Google Docs into your Guide knowledge base. You can import up to 100 docs at a time. This is a great way to add new content or migrate existing content to your knowledge base.

When you import a Google doc, there is no connection between the new article and the original Google Doc; the article is not synced with the Google Doc. You cannot export articles from your knowledge base to Google Docs.

You must be a Guide Manager to connect to a Google Drive and import Google Docs.

To import a Google Doc

  1. In Guide, click the Arrange content (icon_arrange_content) icon in the sidebar, then click Import articles.

  2. Click Connect to sign in to your Google account, if you are not already signed in.

    If you have not yet connected Guide to your Google Drive account, clicking Connect takes you through the process of signing in to your account and granting Zendesk Guide.

    Google Docs importer

  3. Click Next.

  4. In Select documents, click Open file picker.

    You will see all the folders and files that you have access to.

    Google Docs file picker

    Use the options in the upper-right to toggle between grid and list view or to sort your files.

  5. Search or navigate to the file(s) you want to import, then click Select.

    You can select up to 100 files to import at a time.

    The file appears in the Import Articles admin page. You can click Redo document selection if you need to choose a different file.

  6. Click Next.

  7. In Place documents, click Select section to choose a section in your Help Center for this article.

    The articles will not be published when they are imported. Docs are imported as draft articles (Lite and Professional) or work in progress articles (Enterprise).

  8. Click Next.

  9. In Start import, click Start import.

    Don’t close the window while the importer runs. The time it takes depends on how many docs you are importing.

    Your docs will be imported as draft articles (Lite and Professional) or work in progress articles (Enterprise).

  10. When the import finishes, click Have a look to go to Arrange articles and find your articles or click Start a new import to import more Google docs.

    There is no connection between the resulting new articles and the original Google Docs; the articles are not synced with the Google Docs.

    To access your articles later, you can find them in your list of drafts or your list of work in progress (Enterprise).

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